back in the days before wedding photography

Bruno Costa Wedding Photographer The Storytellers

proud father, chili lover, Rock on the veins, and a FRIEND FOREVER.

Hi, my name is Bruno and I'm the Photographer, CEO and Founder from The Storytellers.

A few years ago I decided to start all over again with a new project that I believe it changed my life forever.

When you spend so much time as a wedding photographer you start seeing every moment based on pure emotions, happiness and sadness, joy and tears. All those raw feelings began to mess my head. Photography & Cinematography was the way to organize everything and to stop seeing weddings as fancy party but as path lived by 2 people with it´s own complexity.


And so I began exploring documentary wedding photography.


I figured out that I could live enormous adventures with people that share the same taste and write down unique stories based on confidence and trust.

Also, my work as a Photographer began like that one decade ago, when I was playing and composing music all the time. One day, the life of someone else inspired me so much that I made up my mind to live not on a safe basis, leaving Psychology to become self-employed, always searching the dream: my own dream! 

And now, I can share it with you too if you want along with my team. Just let me know and let's make this journey unique to both sides.

The Storytellers are all about this: friendship. And that´s why I love this project so much.