It could have been an e-session.


Fade out was the first shoot we had where we could explore an intrinsic concept between two lives, showing that life and marriage is not only love and unicorns. 

In the beginning Diana & Jorge told me a bit about their lives and how hard it can be sometimes. 

We wanted to explore the meaning of that words using a visual narrative, something between Photography and Video. 

At first we went to the field to shoot and engagement session, but it turned out to be so much more. 

We ended the shoot at night, with so much cold that we couldn't feel our hands but with a gigantic smile on our faces. 

We spoke about real life, real problems, but with one conclusion: never stop caring about your half and specially, support her or him no matter the consequences. If you succeed, you'll have a love for life and ready to face the world together.

Marriage should be only this, nothing more.