Cinematic Wedding Photography & Videography team based In Porto, Portugal.
We shoot for emotions of the love couples, yet with a rebel soul and storytelling.
We also have a cinematic approach in photography & video.
Available Worldwide, Ready To Ride The Lightening Along With You.

The Yeatman Wedding Photography Porto, Portugal


Besides Portraits and Composition, which by the way we absolutely L O V E, there's one thing we care most: emotional pictures. Our work lives through feelings of happiness, tears, joy and melancholy, on every single image.

We never hide behind the camera. We are "soul chasers" so we go after the moments, we establish a real connection with you and hopefully we become friends.

Champéry Wedding Photographer, Switzerland


Your memories are important. Your wedding story should be documented as it is, uniquely yours, unscripted and genuine. Photographs are not only beautiful and artistic, they are a heritage. And your heritage should be real and authentic. As photographers we strongly believe that your wedding pictures represent a legacy for the generations to come and that they should be printed and remembered in the way they were taken.



“"If we can walk together, why can't we rock together?" the best quote to describe the work of this amazing and over the edge team.
Mais que um grupo de fotógrafos, fazem parte agora das nossas vidas!
Muito Obrigado Bruno, pelo trabalho único e genuíno da tua equipa e pela tua amizade.
Diana e Jorge”